Can I take my child with me?

It is permitted and totally feasible to take children with you to Medicine Women Gathering. But you are aware that it is your total responsibility for these children during the days and also ceremonies. We will have a group of SEVAS responsible for Mama Lodge, where it is a special place for mothers and babies, for breastfeeding, a tea and conversation circles. * If you, mother, feel like taking your partner, he / she can buy the SEVA ticket and communicate that he / she is going as YOURS SEVA. The intention is to create a welcoming space for everyone, and if you feel more free to do all the activities you feel like taking someone to help you, feel free.

Will everyone be able to access Temazcal?


Who is registered as SEVA, can resell their Ticket?


Whoever gets a tent ticket, takes their own?

Yes! And we suggest taking a sleeping bag, as it cools a lot at night and tarps to put under your tent.

Are activities optional?

Yes! They are optional and in this new version of Gathering will be with activities happening simultaneously. You have the power to choose to participate in the singing workshop all day or feel like going to the waterfall, or spread your sarong in the sun and exchange with some sisters, make your medicine circle, participate in a workshop… You it's free here!

If I choose not to purchase the food, can I take mine outside?

Sim! Damos a opção de alimento leve e completo para nutrir seu corpo para os dias, mas caso opte em levar o seu, você é livre! O único pedido é que coma nos seus aposentos e não na frente de outras pessoas, pois muitas estarão no processo do jejum. Respeito e empatia.

When will the official schedule be released?

On the day of the event, participants will receive the complete program together with their kit at check-in time.

Until when can I buy the pass for VAN and FOOD?

Up to 1 month before Gathering.

I bought the pass for VAN, how will it work?

A van sai do aeroporto 11h30am do dia 16 de outubro, chegando na Village em torno de 13h30. É importante que você busque voos para chegar antes desse horário no aeroporto de Porto Alegre. O encontro será no desembarque e a VAN estará com uma placa “Medicine Women Gathering” para facilitar encontrar. O aeroporto não é grande.

Can I exchange my chosen accommodation?

Para essas solicitações, contate 2021@medicinewomengathering.co

Can I resell my Ticket?

Sim, desde que você não tenha se inscrito como SEVA. Após revender, enviar os dados completos da pessoa para 2021@medicinewomengathering.co com o assunto “Revendi meu ticket. Novos dados”

Can my partner accompany me to help me with my child?

Sim! Incentivamos a levar ajuda caso sinta que vai estar mais confortável para fazer todos os trabalhos. X companheirx se inscreve como SEVA APOIO e na inscrição avisa que será seu/sua SEVA.

How does it work for those who want to go like SEVA?

Todas as informações da vaga de SEVA encontra-se na página SEVA.

Will I be able to purchase food on the spot?

Not! Because planning will be done to deliver all meals avoiding waste. It may be over, but don't count on it, because it may not be over.

I signed up to sell on the Marketplace. How will it work?

Quem está inscrita para a vaga do Marketplace deve levar tudo que necessita para expôr os seus produtos. Desde tenda ou canga, mesa caso precise, extensão de tomada, cabideiro, etc… Você é responsável pela sua tenda. Caso sinta de participar de alguma atividade, para não deixar sua tenda desasistida, sugerimos fortemente levar um(a) SEVA APOIO  com você. O ticket de SEVA APOIO é comprado separadamente. Quem se inscreve como SEVA, não é permitido estar expondo no Marketplace, a não ser que leve consigo um SEVA APOIO

Does the place have parking?


If I choose not to participate in any activity, what options do I have?

The village is on top of a mountain that has a waterfall, wonderful views and in addition, you can hire local services .. Like massage, hot tub, mud bath, in addition to hiking and hiking, watching the fire, painting the flag , write in your diary about a yoke in the sun, meditate, connect with other sisters ... Feel free and welcome!

For what moment will white clothes be used?

Full moon ceremony. Ayahuasca. For love, wear WHITE!

When do I buy my return flight?

O Gathering encerra oficialmente às 12h do dia 21 de Outubro de 2020. As vans saem do local em direção ao aeroporto às 15h/15h30. Sugerimos buscar vôos para a partir das 18h para garantir que vai chegar e fazer todo o processo do aeroporto a tempo.

What kind of candle do I take?

The candle you feel. We also suggest something to hold the candle, since you will hold it for a while in one of the jobs.

I will stay in the room. What do I need to take?

Seu próprio travesseiro ou um travesseiro inflável, toalha de banho/rosto, lençol e caso não tenha alugado a coberta que o local oferece, um saco de dormir. À noite pode ser bem fria!

I'm sorry about fasting, but I'm afraid if I can't. What do you suggest about food?

We suggest taking some snacks and having at least 2 days of food purchased. If you do not use it, you can donate / sell to a sister who did not buy in advance.

What will be sold on the MWG Marketplace?

From drums, medicines, crystals, florals, medical clothes, drums, natural and vegan products and all the products that the sisters will also offer from their work.

If you have more questions related to Gathering, for love, leave it below, for us to add on the page. Your doubt may be that of more sisters and brothers.

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